la Carte

Client None
Year 2018
Role founder / UI designer / app developper
The concept -

True to the Epicurean spirit we’re proud of we wanted to bring some ‘extra’ in the ordinary

Following the steps of Hype! in exploring all a city has to offer La Carte sees itself as a concept store for new experiences: a platform always evolving in order to find, discover, book and take advantage of one of a kind experiences and moments.

The product -

A lot more than a magazine

With La Carte, the journey is easy and smooth: La Carte was designed as a magazine that can be flipped through and checked at home, at work or on your mobile. The experience offered is both visual and comprehensive, with a selection changing according to the seasons. Each article corresponds to one or more experiences that can be booked directly on the app. Booking and enjoying a unique moment has never been easier.

la Carte - the experience concept store