Year 2020
Role Product design & dev
The concept -

Showcase your achievements with ease

ONWALL is a digital assistant that helps athletes to illustrate their performances like never before, with profesionnally crafted visuals.

The design challenges —

Introducing a guided experience aimed at a non creative public

All along this project I worked in close collaboration with the founding team and their partners in the car racing field to create the clearest and most simple version of ONWALL. This service was created after the founding team realized that athletes were struggling to create esthetic and custom visuals for their audience when sharing their performances. The aim was to provide them with an efficient and simple tool that wouldn't need them to know about social network guidelines and graphic design.

The outcome —

A comprehensive app that features contextualized actions and custom made recommendations

The result is a modular service that features a smooth and seamless creation flow that offers users a guidance in their creation process and enables them to obtain a near completed visual. Each part of the project was aimed at reinforcing the user experience, from the branding and micro-animations to the app’s fluidity, thanks to the latest frameworks and cloud services. To discover more about ONWALL please check my full case study on my Behance.

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